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Preventing Costly Car Repairs: Tips and Examples

Owning a car comes with its fair share of expenses, with car repairs being one of the most significant. Without a doubt, car repairs can be costly, with some repairs costing thousands of dollars; however, there are ways to avoid some of the most expensive repairs. This blog will go over some of the most expensive car repairs and how to avoid them.

Engine Car Repairs

Engine repairs can also be very expensive, depending on the type of repair required. They can be as simple as a service to as complex as a complete engine rebuild, with common causes of engine problems including lack of servicing and irregular replacement of air and fuel filters.

Regular engine maintenance can help to reduce the likelihood of a major engine repair, and using higher quality parts and fluids can also help to extend the life of your engine.

Transmission Repairs

Transmission repairs are among the most expensive auto repairs, costing thousands of dollars. This is due to the transmission being a complex system that requires extensive labour and parts to repair. You can avoid transmission repairs by having the fluid checked regularly, getting regular general car service and driving the capabilities of your vehicle. Using the wrong fluid or failing to change the fluid can also cause the transmission to fail, so make sure you’re using the right fluid.

Suspension Car Repairs

Suspension repairs can also be costly as they involve replacing parts such items as shock absorbers or various other components that are linked to steering and suspension such as bushes etc. Like engine and transmission repairs, the labour and parts involved with a suspension repair make the job quite expensive. Causes of suspension problems include worn-out or damaged bushings, broken struts and shocks and worn-out steering components. Regular maintenance helps to reduce the likelihood of a major suspension repair, and using higher-quality parts and lubricants can also help to extend the life not only to your suspension but also to your tyres. Avoid driving over potholes and rough terrain, as this can cause damage to the suspension.

Brake System Repairs

Repairs to brake systems can range from a simple brake pad replacement to a complete brake system overhaul. To avoid brake system repairs, have your brakes inspected regularly, including the quality of the brake fluid and replace brake pads before they wear down to the metal. Avoid driving with your foot on the brake pedal, which can wear out the brake system prematurely. The brake system is a crucial safety feature and should be taken care of to maximise your safety on the road.

Electrical System Repairs

Loose wiring or corrosion of electrical components are the most common causes of car electrical system repairs. It’s also critical to inspect the battery and alternator, as these are critical components in keeping your car running. Are you looking for a local technician and car service shop that you can rely on to complete the work they promise? Formula Automotive in Brisbane City has built an industry-leading reputation for providing quality car service and maintenance to all makes and models of cars, utes and vans. Contact us today to schedule car service or repair; we’d be happy to assist you in getting your vehicle running smoothly again.

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